Welcome to ib4e version 2.1


Change Log

ib4e version 2.1

September 5, 2014

ib4e Module and Behavior Module

  • Added alphabetical dividers to all big lists
  • Added floating alphabetical jump list to all big lists
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added configuration capabilities.

September 3, 2014

ib4e Module

  • Added the capability to add global re-purposing and global completion remarks from the intervention daylists.

August, 2014

ib4e Module

  • Added the capability of handling non academic interventions. The site no longer counts them in the tickers nor do they display in master rosters.
    • Create non academic interventions by beginning the name of the intervention with the @ character. For example: @FFA or @4H.
    • The site now promulgates absentee status throughout the site. Create a non academic intervention called @absent and assign to students who are absent prior to enrichment period.
    • Creating these interventions is done through the navbar: admin-->edit intervention areas.

Behavior Module (separate subscription)

  • Added Group @Tardy entries, highlited in light blue
  • @Absent is highlited in red


ib4e version 2.0

August, 2014

ib4e Module

  • THE SITE NOW SUPPORTS GROUP SELECTIONS for interventions, for changing enrichments, and for entering rosters for the Pre-Enrichment Teacher.
  • Updated Navbar to include dropdown menus for faster navigation in site
  • Changed Daylist Intervention List to allow intervention teachers to enter comment and completion remarks for each student on list during intervention period.
  • Added ability to change enrichments using group selections. This will facilitate changing enrichments more often. Changing to new school wide enrichment assignments will be much easier.
  • Added ability to change pre-enrichment teachers as a group. Teachers can just click/select students and create rosters in one click.
  • Enrichment locations are now active throughout the site allowing administrators to make changes in locations when necessary. (the location appears on all Daylists)
  • updated links with icons
  • Changed background color of pages which require Admin access
  • Added capability for Administrators to DELETE students who have left school for some reason.
  • The "FIND" item in the navbar now leads to lists from which interventions can be dealt with.


Behavior Module (separate subscription)

This module is designed to eliminate paper submission of student misconduct and policy violations from teachers to administrators for action. It is real time and makes behavior interventions immediately viewable by all teachers and administrators providing a means of identifying a student's repeated behaviors in a single day. It provides a means of local teacher and administrator attempts at behavior modification through consequences prior to filing formal actions in the state educational database.

  • changed the overall background to gray to give a quick visual aid as to which module is active.
  • added color coding when ADMIN is selected in period pulldown menus for quick identification of administrators' actions when sharing with parents during conferences. Highlited in green.
  • added capability to select a range of dates when viewing a single student's behavior record and added a parents' signature and date area for use during parent conferences.
  • added a menu of school consequences to select from (modifiable in behavior admin section). When selecting "Other" in the menu, a text area appears allowing teachers and administrators to enter consequences that do not appear in the menu.
  • updated links with icons.